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Horn Point Laboratory breaks ground on 10-acre solar field with Standard Solar
09/07/2017  |  

CAMBRIDGE, MD (September 7, 2017)—The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and Standard Solar marked the beginning of a partnership to bring sustainable energy to the Horn Point Laboratory campus with a groundbreaking ceremony. Standard Solar will install a 10-acre solar field on campus that will generate approximately 50% of the Horn Point Laboratory's annual energy consumption. UMCES has also received a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration to install four vehicle-charging stations under a new solar canopy on campus.


Guest column: Solar’s seemingly endless game of Whack-A-Mole
09/07/2017  |  

We’ve all played Whack-A-Mole, right? That insidiously addictive arcade game where you try to hit randomly appearing moles with a mallet in order to win…oh, who are we kidding? Hitting the moles on the head is winning the game (especially if you’ve had a particularly frustrating day at the office).


Worth more than gold: Solar helps vault D.C. to LEED Platinum status
09/05/2017  |  

The nation’s capital becomes the first city in the world to earn the coveted LEED status, thanks in large part to its commitment to installing solar. 


Tony Clifford, Creating Rapid Growth As The CDO Of Standard Solar
09/05/2017  |  

I'm so glad you are with me again this week! We're back with another edition of the Solar Pioneers Series, and today's guest hails from the East Coast of the US. I know what you are thinking - "Wait a minute, Nico, aren't all the solar pioneers from California?"


Salisbury University Completes Solar Parking Canopy Project
08/21/2017  |  

Rockville, Md.—August 22, 2017 — Standard Solar, a leading solar energy company, announced the completion of its solar installation with Salisbury University (SU). Standard Solar constructed and will operate, own and maintain the 541.8 kilowatt (kW) solar system featuring four solar canopies and five electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. The canopies will cover a parking lot to provide shade for the University’s Parking Lot H, as well power to the adjacent educational buildings. Click to Tweet



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