• System Specs | 42 kW
  • System Production | 44 MWh annually
  • Environmental Benefits | Equivalent to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from more than 73,803 of carbon dioxide per year

The City of Alexandria has made a long term commitment to renewable energy. As the first solar project on an Alexandria City building, this solar system supports the vision of the City’s Eco-City Charter and Environmental Action Plan 2030 goals. With support from the 2008 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, City government officials, Alexandria City Council, the Alexandria library system and the Alexandria Library Board partnered with Standard Solar, Inc. (SSI) to design, develop and install a 42kW rooftop solar array at the Charles E. Beatley, Jr. Central Library.

The City of Alexandria was seeking a solution that would best suit their long term strategic plan of identifying renewable energy sources; specifically—installing solar on the Charles E. Beatley Jr. Central Library. Selected by the city due to its south facing roof sections, the Library was an ideal building and offered superior architectural roof design to support the system. The City was in search of a provider who could offer the best option that would meet the needs of the City Government, City Council, the Alexandria Library System and the Alexandria Library Board. By utilizing contracts of the federal General Service Administration, the City selected SSI to design, develop and install the 42kW system on the roof of the Beatley Central Library. “We selected Standard Solar as we were confident that they could successful complete the project with their background and qualifications. They also worked with us on fitting within our budget,” said Bill Eger, City Energy Manager. “Standard Solar’s employees, from business development to engineering, were all courteous, highly knowledgeable and professional.”

With financial assistance through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) program, a US Department of Energy grant provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Grant, the City partnered with SSI to install the first solar system on a city building. The system produces 44MWh of energy annually and will offset about 5% of the building’s electricity consumption during peak demand hours. “We are honored to assist the City of Alexan¬dria and the Charles E. Beatley, Jr. Central Library with achieving their goals toward environmental sustainability.” said Scott Wiater, SSI President. “Their efforts increases environmental awareness throughout the community and will encourage library patrons to become advocates of a sustainable future.”

By installing the first solar system on a City building in Alexandria, city officials and residents are proud to be leaders in renewable energy. The solar system will benefit library operations and the community as a whole. Through partnership with SSI, the City of Alexandria was able to successfully meet their sustainability goal implemented as part of Alexandria’s Eco-City Charter and Environmental Action Plan 2030. The solar installation has received positive feedback from patrons who frequently stop in the library’s lobby to view the solar performance kiosk that displays the system’s daily gen¬eration. The solar project also provides educational opportunities to teach children and adults about renewable energy and sustainability; it is frequently referenced in the library’s ongoing environmental series of workshops, book features and events. The solar panels are highly visible to local commuters and stand as an example of the community’s ongoing green initiatives.

Alexandria Central Library

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