• System Specs | 1.1 MW
  • System Production | 1,539 MWh
  • Environmental Benefits | Eliminates the environmental impacts of 127,060 gallons of gasoline annually

The Town of Poolesville prides itself on its small town values and characteristics. With residents that are committed to preserving their community, it was important for Poolesville officials to find a sustainable solution that would not only expand the town’s green initiatives, but also have a positive impact on the town’s budget. Developed through a public-private partnership between the Town of Poolesville, Standard Solar Inc. and energy provider, UGI Performance; a 1.1 MW energy-generating system, comprised of nearly 3,800 solar panels, promises to yield both reduced energy costs for the Town of Poolesville and innovative educational opportunities for local students studying environmental science at Poolesville High School. The project was made possible, in part, by Maryland state incentives and regulations that reduced the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) of solar electricity through a Solar Power Purchase Agreement.

Poolesville Groundmount