• System Specs | 2 MW
  • System Production | 2,883 MWh per year
  • Environmental Benefits | 2,135,312 pounds of coal burned | 181 typical homes’ electricity use for one year | 223,695 gallons of gasoline consumed

Reduced Carbon Footprint Helps Preserve Chesapeake Bay

The town of Elkton, Md., sits on the banks of the Elk River at the northern headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay. As its namesake tidal tributary feeds one of the most sensitive environmental ecosystems in the United States, the town takes seriously its responsibility to contribute positively to a clean, sustainable environment.

Town Mayor Robert J. Alt decided to power the government’s buildings with solar power to reduce its carbon footprint, which would help preserve and protect the Chesapeake Bay Watershed—the East Coast’s largest and most vital watershed. To install the ambitious 2 MW plant, the town turned to Standard Solar.

Standard Solar met representatives of the Town of Elkton at the 2014 Maryland Municipal League convention. Those Town leaders had heard good things about Standard Solar from the Cecil County Public School (CCPS) system regarding a large project Standard Solar developed and installed for CCPS the previous year.  After setting up the opportunity and securing the project for Elkton, Standard Solar brought Sun Edison into the project as financier.

The town of Elkton will save approximately $130,000 per year, or $2+ million over the 20-year life of the Power Purchase agreement. The 2,092 kW ground-mounted system will produce enough power to remove 1,988 metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere—approximately the same amount of carbon produced by 291 typical homes’ electricity use for one year.

“The solar project is a major step forward in environmental preservation and energy savings in our town,” said Alt, who installed the final solar panel at the project’s commissioning ceremony. “We’re so pleased to do our part to keep our area green.”

Town of Elkton Solar Groundmount System 1
Town of Elkton Solar Groundmount System 2
Town of Elkton Solar Groundmount System 3