• System Specs | 28 kW
  • System Production | 50% of the farm's entire electricity needs
  • Environmental Benefits | CO2 offset equivalent to 23.2 acres of mature U.S. forests

Benjamin Whitmore and his family ventured into the Monocacy Valley in the 1760s. The Whitmore family successfully farmed the 28-acre property for many years. The current owners—Kent Ozkum and William Moore—chose to name the farm in honor of the family who originally cleared the land and built it.

As the farm continued to expand, Ozkum and Moore wanted to reduce its carbon footprint, provide another point of interest for visitors and save on its electric bill.

The owners’ commitment to sustainability isn’t just about electricity production. The pair takes exceptional care of their animals, which includes a noisy roster of chickens, goats, hogs and sheep. With 28 acres at the farm’s disposal, the animals are pastured and grass-fed without hormones or antibiotics, and their vegetables are grown organically. Locals know Ozkum and Morrow as driving forces behind a thriving locavore community. For years, the farm has purchased wind energy, which supplies 50 percent of its energy needs, but Moore and Oakum wanted to power their enterprise with 100 percent renewable energy. The quest for the best solution began.

Working with Standard Solar to explore the solar option, Ozkum and Moore wanted to make sure the solar installation wouldn’t interfere with the ongoing daily operations of the farm. The experienced team of engineers at Standard Solar walked them carefully through the process and what the installation process would look like. At Standard Solar, our goal is always to install solar systems with minimal disruptions to the clients. With an active community-outreach program, a working farm and a food-to-table market on the property, we designed an installation plan to accommodate the activity.

After Standard Solar explained the project, Ozkum and Moore quickly realized the rooftop of the barn would make an ideal space for a solar array. Standard Solar’s experienced team of engineers designed a 28-kW system to help Whitmore Farm fulfill its goals.

Their commitment to sustainability also extends to supporting American jobs. One of the requirements to which Standard Solar had to agree was that, as much as possible, the array’s components be sourced in the United States.

Combined with the wind power Whitmore Farm already uses, the 28-kw barn-roof solar array produces 100 percent of the farm’s electricity needs. The systems work well together and help the farm maintain its stellar reputation as a champion of sustainability.

As a bonus? Standard Solar’s extensive network of solar industry partners allowed us to source the vast majority of the components in the United States. The 119 Sharp solar panels and Jac-Rack racking system were both manufactured domestically.

We at Standard Solar are always happy to help make our communities more sustainable, and the installation at Whitmore Farm is a living example of that philosophy at work.

Whitmore Farm rooftop solar system
Whitmore Farm rooftop solar system 2
Whitmore Farm rooftop solar system 3
Whitmore Farm rooftop solar system 4
Whitmore Farm rooftop solar system 5

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